WordPress 2020 SEO for beginners

Everybody know WordPress it is a simple and user friendly website developing site in which you can develop your site and can be rank on the Google it's easy to use it's user-friendly and 50% off all site in the world made by WordPress

Do you know what is WordPress SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimisation it's basically to get more traffic you need to have SEO on your wordpress site and if you have deadly combination of wordpress developing and SEO off site you can get great job in IT field for Digital marketing field do you know no 80% job in SEO don't know to create wordpress site and in WordPress job they don't know no to do SEO if you learn how SEO and wordpress work you can get freelancing work of website + SEO and if we take quotation of wordpress site in India it will cost 15000 plus SEO you can take 10,000 every month from SEO it's depend on keyboard that your client want

And in there is two part on page optimisation and off page optimisation off page optimisation is for the link building and it can take too much time to do it but if you learn only on page optimisation you can have quotation of of 15000 of wordpress site and on page off 15000

Let me teach you wordpress on page

This is my video in which I have done screencast of how to create h1 H2 h3 SEO of wordpress site



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