Want to make free hosting wordpress site for the experiment purposes

Everybody know hosting is very costing

but if you want to learn how wordpress work and how she panel works you should know some of the trick in which you can buy free hosting and free domain to

If you want to buy free domain example.tk

If you want to buy free domain go to Google and search for or freenome it is a site where you can have three free domain for the first year

The second thing I want to purchase the domain you should have the hosting and go to Google and search for infinity host I think on first listing in Google there will be infinityfree.net in which you can make 3 free hosting sites once you have done the sign up process and verify with your Gmail you will start a first free hosting account once you select the domain open the c panel once you open the sea panel drag of the page and press I approve then your c panel will open in that you should click on the software button when you open the software page you will install the WordPress

And once you have install wordpress you can start with your free hosting site it is a very simple and you can access from your mobile to once you build this process

Best thing is that it is a better than xampp because in xampp it will host only in one PC but with my trick you can share link to your friends to


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