Do you use Google analytic app

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

If you are digital marketer and you have good job in digital marketing to have next level of Google analytics report you should download the application in mobile Google analytic it will available in Apple device and Android device to

Why I am telling to download

If you want to to earn more you should learn more

If you are handling 3 or 4 project in Google analytics and want to become Data analytics after digital marketing your job can skyrocket upto 60 to 70 thousand per month once you know how Google analytics works because it is a simple website but have too much complicated buttons

and if you want to learn free Google analytics you can sign up with Google analytics academy

If you learn from Google analytic academy everyday 1 hour thoroughly

then within a six month you will complete all the certification of Google analytic academy and it is very tough exam to it is a free but you can try and if you fail let's try again in 2 days

Don't try to copy your answer with Google if you do that then you will doesn't know how Google analytic work


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