Do we actually know how Google search engine works ?

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

I think we don't know

Let's start to know how Google search engine really works

When you open Google app

You will get Google search engine index box and below you will get your customisable feed

When you search something on Google they will show you

The result

What are the result based on it is based on the search that you have type in Google index box after that Google software find that text to all over billion site and make a feed of 10 good search results in that extra result will be news Google ads Google shopping ads Google search ads and Google ads are temporary basis it always work with Google AdWords it is a Google product in which you can start your campaign and sell your product in Google index box

this is the basic thing then also we don't know how Google search engine works let's go something deep

Google search engine is the basically software in which billions of website is index

The thing is that it is a software its not what a God so so there will be some rules

The simple thing is that if you follow rules

Your site will rank on the Google first page

Do you know Google has start voice searches

Yes we know that in all Android mobile there will be inbuilt of Google search voice

Video ever try for the Google search

How Google voice search works

That also we don't know but we can tell it it will work on your voice and then software will also tell you something in voice in short it will be communication base

Whats new in Google voice search

in new search engine they can remember your name your father name your birthdate you can appoint for your meetings taken Sing a song

You can talk like it's your girlfriend

The new feature has added off new voice

The best thing in new Google voice search is work on voice basis you can tell to your Google voice search that hey Google send WhatsApp message to my friend then it will send direct without touching your device it's would but the intent has not been solved how Google search

Hence we prove that

we will never know 100% about Google because it is a software

Then what is Google search

The definition of Google search engine

Google search engine is a biggest dustbin in which you will find your best result in first layer and worst result in last layer

Basically I love Google I am sorry for that definition but it's true

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