90% of digital marketer doesn't know this

He want to know what 90% of digital marketing doesn't know

Nowadays every digital marketer should be know what are the new product and what are the old product every digital marketer know Google AdWords

Google AdWords stand for advertising platform for companies small companies big companies but do you actually know how Google AdWords works

Let's start with if you make a campaign in Google AdWords and you select for display ads do you know where your ad will run yes you know no your targeted campaign website but do you actually know no how how publisher work

For that you should know Google AdSense Google AdSense is the product by Google to give a space in publisher website for or Google AdWords display advertising it's always depend on website only and who published the website that owner have commission on that's space in their website to show your Google AdWords display advertise Google AdSense pay the publisher

The second thing if you run campaign in Google AdWords of application promotion the application promotion works on Google admob

Google admob is the publisher of application in in Google app store it will work advertise on Android application and if you create any application promotion your ad will run with Google admob

Third thing is if you want to promote your your biggest company you will never use Google admob you should sign up for Google doubleclick

And the Google doubleclick is for a big advertiser who has Google analytic traffic of 1 million it is a mandatory to have 1 million traffic in Google analytics then only you can sign up

Once you can sign up you should learn how Google doubleclick work


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